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BigSheep Studio - Om os

The Team

We are a small but effective team forged from a mixture of design and development backgrounds. We are devoted to creating beautiful, useful and meaningful experiences for our clients, applying our best, every time.

The team is composed of two Icelandic guys; Sigurdur Baldursson, a Digital designer with a B.A. in Design and Business, and Baldur Arge Sveinsson, primarily a developer, with a diploma in Programming and an A.P. degree in Multimedia design.

People are constantly exposed to an abundance of websites, brands and marketing material – our focus is to help our clients stick out from the rest by pushing the boundaries but still knowing where they lie. We want to create products and content that engages with the target groups and users in a meaningful way.

BigSheep Studio - Om os


The birth of BigSheep Studio came to be after we had both been working in the same office space, an incubator for start-ups. We realized that, together, we had all the compentancies and characteristics that we needed to start a company. The name of the company was inspired by our heritage, Iceland. The Icelandic sheep is an animal that we felt, represents Iceland in a friendly, and true way. Now we are working hard to take the comapny to the next level – we started by moving into a new fantastic working space called Co-working plus, located in the heart of Odense, Denmark.


We believe that in order to truly grow, we need to keep our tools and our mindset well sharpened. We intend to keep a focus on two things; The first is the quality of our work, – the second is keeping the customers happy. This we will do by carefully considering how our decisions impact the customer´s goals. Furthermore, making sure that our customer´s needs are being met with the highest standard of quality.

Take a look at the Sheep Life

Take a look at the Sheep Life