The Studio


When it comes to steering the image of a company today, the markets can be a tricky place to navigate. We offer consulting services to our clients and potential customers with their goals and ambitions as a focus. We provide consulting on areas ranging from Branding to Development, including digital and print. We listen carefully to what our clients have to say and give feedback with the intention of finding the best fitting solutions, and steer away from options that do not provide value.

– Needs analyses
– Ideation & Visualisation

– Digital & Print
– Development

BigSheep Studio Consulting


We love creating websites and apps that allow users to fluently interact with elements, making their experience more enjoyable. We do this by considering the user, applying UX principals, and keep up-to-date on digital trends.

– UI/UX Design
– Rapid Prototypes
– Responsivt Design
– Visuel kommunikation

BigSheep Studio - Interactivity
BigSheep Studio - Branding


We provide our clients with visual essentials to make their Brand stick out from the rest. Our work is a process. We re-think the from the bottom-up, with the help of research, assessment, brainstorming and creative thinking.

– Logo Design
– Brand Guidelines
- Marketing material
- Visual elements


In this time of technology, its important to stay relevant and up to date when it comes the quickly evolving digital world. We make sure that our clients receive products that are relevant to their needs and withstand the test of time.

- Web apps
- Simple mobile apps

BigSheep Studio - Development
BigSheep Studio - Motion Graphic

Motion Graphics

Often, there is not better way to get a message accross than through effective motion graphics. We provide our clients with eye-catching content that is sure get the right message accross with well thought-out visual communication.

- Advertisements
- Explainer videos
– Infografik materiale

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